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The IAA strategy is to facilitate enduring research to overcome the architectural bottlenecks that limit supercomputer scalability and performance by:
  • Focused R&D in partnership with industry and academia on key impediments to HPC
  • Promoting the integrated co-design of architectures and algorithms
  • Developing or simulating prototypes to demonstrate advantages that allow application developers and algorithm researchers to explore these advanced architectures
  • Training future generations of computer engineers, computer scientists, and computational scientists
Fundamentally, this approach represents a shift from simply procuring and operating large scale systems. In contrast, this Institute will actively engage in the development of advanced architectures and algorithms that address the nation's core computational requirements. This investment by DOE will complement other agencies' HPC activities, such as those undertaken by NSF, DARPA and DoD, and, as a whole, the Institute will create a multidisciplinary talent pool capable of addressing very large-scale computing problems.


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Last Modified: 14 July, 2009