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The annual advisory committee meeting helps identify timely and key research areas in HPC architectures and algorithms. The steering committee takes this feedback and further focuses the areas based on discussions with DOE and available funding. Workshops are held in the identified key areas where national experts in that area help define the scope of the near-term and long-term research opportunities and potential impact. The steering committee will review and recommend projects. Prior to beginning an IAA project, proposals will be sent to DOE for approval. The status and results of the projects are reviewed at the quarterly steering committee meetings.


Current Members


Candy Culhane, DoD
Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee
Bill Gropp, University of Illinois
Charlie Holland, DARPA
Dean Klein, Micron
John Morrison, LANL
Kunle Olukotun, Stanford University
Steve Scott, Cray, Inc.
Marc Snir, University of Illinois
Thomas Sterling, Louisiana State University
Craig Stunkel, IBM
Jim Sundet, DoD


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Last Modified: 14 July, 2009