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Jim Ang
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM
Phone: (505) 845-7018
Fax: (505) 284-2518

Jeffrey A. Nichols
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN
Phone: (865) 574-6224
Fax: (865) 574-6076

IAA - Plan

Staff: In addition to a small permanent staff, the Institute will host industry collaborators, visiting faculty members, graduate students, and IAA Fellows on short-term assignments form other laboratories and government agencies. The Fellows will represent a core constituent of application experts and users. These types of collaborations are already underway with Sandia hosting staff from Intel, Oak Ridge hosting the Cray and Lustre Centers for Excellence, and both sites hosting numerous university research efforts.

Facilities: We propose operating the IAA as an open distributed center with physical facilities sited at Sandia and Oak Ridge. The Institute will create a formal environment to facilitate these interactions.

Roles and Responsibilities: Co-directors selected by each Laboratory will lead the Institute. The directors will chair a steering committee with representation from each Lab, which will meet quarterly. The steering committee will set the direction for and monitor research progress in the IAA projects. The directors and the steering committee will create a small advisory committee with membership from DOE, industry, academia, and other government agencies. The advisory committee will meet annually to help prioritize research areas established by the steering committee.

The IAA will also include a permanent staff of personnel at Sandia and Oak Ridge. These staff members will leverage Institute support with programmatic ASC or ASCR funding. This connection is important to ensure that IAA continues to impact our primary customers. Two primary roles are anticipated for IAA staff. First, they will have responsibility for IAA core capabilities such as development systems and testbeds, system simulators, and interfaces to semiconductor fabrication facilities, etc. Second, they will be assigned to specific focus area projects. In contrast, visiting research collaborators would typically come to the IAA to work on a specific focus area project.

The IAA will adopt a streamlined process for implementing multi-lateral non-disclosure agreements, cooperative research and development agreements (CRADA), intellectual property license agreements, and address export control issues.

Focus Area Projects: The IAA will direct and perform research and development in the focus areas that impact the performance and reliability of large-scale systems on important DOE applications.

An important IAA priority is to integrate key component technologies from our investments in focus area projects into scalable prototype systems. These prototype systems will also serve as the environments for system software and advanced algorithm development. The expectation is that these advanced development project collaborations will create new technical capabilities that will appear in future leading edge platform procurements. The figure below illustrates the relationship between focus area projects and the enduring, cross-cutting foundation of IAA technical capabilities. DOE IAA graph

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